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Mustard Oil Pouch 1L x 16 Bulk Pack

Elephant Brand Kacchi Ghani Hathi Mustard Oil

  • 100% Kachi Ghani | High Pungency
  • No Added Colours, Preservatives Or Flavours | 100% Natural
  • Lab Tested | Fssai Approved
  • Agmark Grade - 1

Hathi Brand mustard oil is manufactured from a select variety of carefully sourced mustard seeds. Crushing the seeds in a traditional yet modernized 'Bengal Kohlu' at controlled temperatures help to retain high pungency, flavours and natural properties of the oil thus enhancing the taste of food that is cooked in it even if used in less quantity of oil. This is one oil that is good for you and is highly preferred for healthy dishes. It is the perfect choice for pickles and a host of Indian delicacies. One of the best cooking oils in the market. The popularity of mustard oil and belief in its benefits varies greatly across the world. We strive hard to deliver nothing but the best quality, flavour and taste in the oil in its cold-pressed natural form without the addition of any chemicals or nutrients so that the heart and love you put into your cooking will only be enhanced.

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