Over 100 years of quality, taste and excellence

India's leading and oldest edible oil brand, Hathi Oil is synonymous with quality and commitment and has been a household staple for over 100 years!

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Mustard Oil

With a strong sinus-stimulating aroma, the oil is perfectly suited to the Indian palate. Countless benefits make it not only a tasty addition but also a remedy for many health problems.

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Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil Cake

Mustard Oil Cake

An excellent cattle fodder and soil conditioner obtained as a by-product of mustard oil production. Obtained without adding any chemicals, it has a minimum residual oil content of 7.5%

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Why Us


Carefully selected, premium brown mustard seeds ensure that we deliver the highest-quality products.


Double filtration allows us to deliver 100% pure mustard oil, free from any additives.


Millions recognise our brand for its exceptional taste and pungency.

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