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Mustard Oil Cake

Mustard oil cake is a by-product of mustard oil production and is widely used as cattle fodder, soil conditioner and raw material in the solvent extraction process. The residue of cold-pressed mustard seeds contains no chemicals or additives, and the all-natural oil cake is then obtained with a minimum residual oil content of 7.5%.

Soil Conditioner

Mustard oil cake contains elements that areessential for growth, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It alsorestores essential macro- and micro-nutrients in the soil to ensure your plantsare happy and healthy.

With the typical NPK ratio of Mustard oil cakepowder standing at 4-1-1, it is very easy to use and enables robust plantgrowth, making your plants more resistant to insects and diseases.

Cattle Feed

High oil content in mustard oil cake makes it anexcellent meal for cattle. This promotes better (high volume and fat content)milk yield.

Manufacturing Details
B. P. Oil Mills. Ltd.
12/17 B Nagla Balchand
Nunhai Road,
Agra , Uttar Pradesh - 282006
+91 724 8888 444/555

Other Details
Best Before - 12 months from the date of packaging.
Nutritional and packaging information present on the pack